Third Camp TV is a weekly half hour-long programme that provides an alternative view and analysis of the issues concerning the major political camps dominating world politics. It is produced and hosted by Patty DeBonitas.

Third Camp TV is broadcast Thursdays at 18.00 Tehran Time, 14.30 BST. The programme is repeated on Fridays at 18.30 Tehran Time, 15.00 BST and Saturdays at 5.00 Tehran Time, 1.30 BST.

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05 March 2009

New US policies?

With the election of a new US administration expectations are running high. Can we expect a new era of foreign policies and what would that mean for the war on terror and former enemies?

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26 February 2009, Another view from Israel
A rarely heard voice from Israel - that of peace activists. Patty Debonitas speaks to Eva Ferrero, an anti-war activist and voluntary observer at checkpoints on the recent Gaza conflict, elections and the blankout of anti-war protests by national and international media. What do activists encounter in the settlements and from the Israeli authorities?
11 February 2009, Israel's elections
The election results reflect quite drastically the mood within Israel. Patty Debonitas interviews Hamid Taqvaee on the results and the possibility of peace agreements and a positive future for the region.
8 Janurary 09, Gaza conflict
Patty Debonitas talks to Abbas Goya about the situation in Gaza, Hamas' and the Israeli government's motifs and also about the international day of protest that the Third Camp is planning.
6 November 08,  Is change coming?
The election of Barack Obama has made plenty of people around the world excited about the anticipated changes in US politics and the world. Patty Debonitas talks to Hamid Taqvaee about what we can and possibly cannot expect from the new president elect and what this might mean for US foreign policies and the Third Camp movement
15 October 2008, A shift in the world?
Hamid Taqvaee is in the Third Camp studio to discuss an article by Francis Fukuyama on the financial crisis. How are US financial hegemony and 'US democracy'  linked and what are the implications the financial crisis has for the USA as a world power?
28 August 2008, Politics in Pakistan
Patty DeBonitas talks to Issam Shukri about the recent key events in Pakistan and the impact they had on the political landscape. How are the War on Terror, the political Islamic movement and the interests of Western governments in Pakistan and beyond linked?
A new conflict by proxy?
In this week's programme studio guest Bahram Soroush analyses the conflict between Russia and Georgia. He discusses the underlying motifs and the link with NATO, EU and US interests.
A new phase in the war on terror?
Are we seeing a new shift in US foreign policy? In this week's programme Patty DeBonitas will be talking to Mostafa Saber on these developments and what they might mean for Iran and the world at large.
10 July 2008, One year Council of Ex-Muslims
The Third Camp joined the one year celebrations of the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain. What have been some of the achievements and what is at stake for the future? Asking members and supporters for their reasons, the programme features an interview with the spokesperson of the council Maryam Namazie.
4 September 08  Brennpunkt Köln
Der geplante Moscheebau und die
bevorstehende Anti-Islamisierungs Konferenz in Köln haben zu einer offenen
Auseinandersetzung verschiedenster Gruppen und Organisationen geführt. Die
Vorsitzende des Zentralrats der Ex-Muslime Mina Ahadi nimmt Stellung zu den Streitpunkten Integration, politischer Islam, linke Opposition, Rassismus und Rechtspopulisten und plädiert fur eine kritische, dritte Position
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